Take Pictures While Visiting Kauai

by admin on August 4, 2010

I grabbed these photos on my way to work today. Just pulled over and snapped them as I was driving through Anahola on Kauai’s eastside. I was thinking about writing an article for Puu Poa and making a list of different things that people could do for cheap on Kauai. FInd more Hawaii Vacation Deals on their website.



There are some pretty spectacular places in the world, and sometimes what makes them so great is that they are understated. Kauai has peaceful and unassuming beauty. Of course you have your gorgeous beaches and picturesque sunsets, but also have wonderfully lazy trails through native bush. You can find quite coves and bays along the coastline. You can grab fresh fish at almost every restaurant and listen to local vibes on almost any night of the week.


If you pull over on the side of the road there is a good chance that a jagged mountain range will be posing for a picture, or waves will be lapping in the background. The consistent island trade winds drift with your mind and lush surroundings enhance your dreams.

I am always trying to come up with different or off-the-beaten path things people can do when they visit Kauai and I realized that just taking a photo tour could be pretty fun. Everyone always comes to do this or that activity and often get great shots of what they have done. But actually hunting for interesting or captivating photos would be a great activity. I have decided to try it myself and be more aware of the little things. Find beauty in the mundane. Capture a part of Kauai that most just drive by. Well I pulled over on a side street this morning, looked up and took these shots.

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