Hawaii Vacations Backroads

by admin on February 7, 2011

Type Hawaii vacations, Hawaii pictures, or just Hawaii, into Google, and you will see all the iconic images of Hawaii; Waikiki, Whales breaching, volcanoes, sandy beaches, straws bobbing in tropical drinks, hula girls, lush famous scenic views.

While most visitors have their list of activities and sites to see, few leave time for unscheduled exploring. Driving off the beaten path, taking walks in residential neighbor hoods, cruising outside of the postcard-reality limitations.

Shot of Flowers from the Road

My suggestion, throw the map away and get lost. While there are a few spots in the islands that visitors aren’t necessarily welcomed, Hawaii is a pretty safe place to explore. Just make sure that you are always respectful and conduct your activities in the least intrusive manner as possible; Drive slowly through neighborhoods, don’t turn around in peoples’ yards, etc..

Hawaii Vacation Exploring

There is nothing better than discovering your own jewels on vacation. Be adventurous, spontaneous and find your own paradise.

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