Hawaii Beautiful All Around

by admin on February 9, 2011


There are many forms of beauty throughout Hawaii. It is not just at the scenic overlooks that you can snap great pictures.

The fresh Pacific fish served nightly at most restaurants and the Pan-Pacific cuisine, sushi, local grinds and all the variety of island favorites offer splendid arrays of aromas and sights. Sometimes presentation of foods at the fine dining establishments can be as appealing as the flavors are to the palate.


And of course you have the gaudy beauty of the natural environs. Every hike has a sight worth snapping, every beach has a sunset or sunrise worth preserving. If you are staying near Hana, the famous road to Hana could drain even the longest lasting camera batteries.


While most visitors venture into museums and historical landmarks, it is also worth your while to take a look around the outsides. Often bordered by Hawaiian landscaping and native fauna, museums, churches and landmarks are often steeped in history as well as photo opportunities.

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